Elvis the King slot machine and game features

Elvis the King slot machine

Elvis the King slot takes back players back in history remembering one of the most famous rock and roll stars in history Elvis Presley. The King lives on through the game developed by Williams Interactive and encompasses amazing reel features that transform to huge payouts. The laying of the reels makes Elvis the king slot machine different from other games. One side has two blocks of four symbols and a three reels game to the other side. Lining up of symbols across one of the smaller sections and the big reels culminates into wins. Free Spins is one of the features of this game triggered by the successful matching of 4 symbols on reels 1 to 4 or 5-8. It can also be matching of both 1-4 and 5-8. Matching the Elvis Disc symbols on 9 10 and 11 reels earns the player free spins accompanied by 1 times in the stake cash prize. It has wilds and scatters but requires an additional payment of 15 coin premium to conduct the spinning of the slot.

Elvis the King slot machine

The jukebox feature is accessed before the free spins feature starts. It contains rewards regarding cash accompanied by 4 Elvis songs. Landing on any song earns the player extra free spins depending on which song.

Graphics and sound

The sound of its name brings particular images in the mind of the player. The perceived images are what the player encounters. Followers of Elvis delight in the pictures of the king, a hound dog, blue suede shoes, a guitar, teddy bear, and the symbols 10, J, Q, K and A that are Elvis-themed icons.  Based on the legendary Elvis Presley, the game features fun theme songs from him. The music serves as a definite bonus to the fans of Elvis who are also lovers of this game.

Paylines and payouts.

Powered by the William interactive software, Elvis the King slot is made up of 11 reels and 80 pay-lines. Elvis the King has 94.97% average payout. It means that even if the gamer is not lucky to win the jackpot, all is not lost because they can bag pretty payouts offered by this slot machine

Elvis the King slot Jackpot.

The wild icon is the jackpot in Elvis. If a player manages to accumulate 5 wild symbols across any of the given payline, they triumph on the best jackpot that Elvis the King slot has to offer that amounts to 1000 coins.

Bonus rounds

Apart from the free spins rounds, the wild symbol is a symbol of Elvis standing on his names which is highlighted with light bulbs. If a player requires winning a decent payout, the wild symbol catapults the possibility by switching itself for any symbol except the scatter symbol. The fantastic feature of the wild symbol is that it can take the place of the jackpot.

The heartbreak hotel bonus in Elvis the King awards the player some hearts upon selection. It gives a player lives in the game in the movement up the famous hotel. The hearts hide behind the doors as the player moves up the building.

Elvis the King is an incredible slot that does not leave the player with something. The player is assured of some payout despite losing the Jackpot. Pay homage to Elvis Presley by playing Elvis the King slot; it`s fun and rewarding.

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